Zebra Savanna Data Services

Zebra Savanna Data Services is the foundation of a new series of enterprise applications and solutions that help solve your data puzzle, and digitally transform the way your business drives performance to become more productive and profitable.

By offering cloud-based, unified APIs and developer tools, Zebra Savanna Data Services empowers you to build secure, scalable digital services with ease and speed. This solution aggregates and analyzes data from multiple edge devices, creating data-powered environments to provide real-time guidance and insights.

As the enriched API layer of Savanna, Zebra’s breakthrough data intelligence platform, Zebra Savanna Data Services gives you the ability to innovate, design and quickly deploy custom applications that can transform current customer service models, giving you and your customers a competitive edge.

Build New Solutions with Savanna APIs

Your company needs are unique. Though Zebra offers a wide-range of solutions with customizable options, your needs may require functionalities which best fit internal development. That’s why we provide cloud-accessible Savanna APIs for your developers to leverage and build your own solutions, allowing you to harness the power of disparate data sources and multiple edge devices to create new technology solutions and commercial opportunities.

Leverage Data from the Edge

Encompassing building blocks such as IoT, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the platform powers new applications and solutions, allowing them to transform various data points into actionable insights. Easy to use and integrate, these insights are accessible across a host of mobile devices already in the hands of your workers, partners and customers, thereby minimizing costs.

Easy Access on the Self-service Portal

Download our APIs via our self-service portal specifically designed to offer you a new level of convenience and flexibility. Our cloud-based portal provides an easy-to-access developer experience 24/7, so you can leverage our APIs from virtually anywhere at any time. Your developers can work more effectively with immediate access to everything they need to build your solution.


Leveraging Savanna APIs to Provide Operational Insights

StayLinked is a software product company, specializing in Terminal Emulation (TE) and data collection. Learn how StayLinked used Savanna APIs to give their customers new and actionable insights into their operations to help them be more productive.

Engage Zebra Signature Services

For expert assistance, engage with Zebra Signature Services professionals. Collaborate with Zebra software experts in enterprise mobility and edge-data integration to uncover new opportunities using Savanna APIs.

Keep Pace with the Power of the Cloud

Global spending on cloud services is growing. Software providers must adapt and build cloud solutions to keep up. APIs drive optimized customer experiences, and Zebra is introducing tools to help our customers and partners stay on top.