Patient Identity Management and Verification

hospital patient being scanned for positive patient identity management and verification

Help Ensure Patient Safety at Every Step of the Journey

To reduce medical errors, you need to ensure patients are connected to the right care at the right time, every time. Zebra's patient identity management and verification solutions are built from a connected ecosystem of scanners, printers and supplies to help ensure treatments and medications are accurately administered.

Zebra's patient identity solutions give your clinicians the performance edge they need to deliver safe and accurate care.

Patient Identity Solutions

Positive Patient Identification

From admission to discharge, prevent identity mistakes and reduce medical errors with patient identity management.

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Specimen Collection

Identify, track and manage all specimens to improve patient safety.

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Barcode Medication Administration (BCMA)

Medication scanning and matching reduces human error and ensures accurate administration.

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Laboratory Management

Label and positively identify every sample for efficient tracking and optimized patient safety.

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Pharmacy Management

Connect your pharmacy to control all phases of the medication management process – from inventory to accurate dispensing and compliance.

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See How Zebra is Innovating Patient Identity

healthcare scanner and desktop wristband printer in use at workstation counter

Improve Workflow Efficiency and Accuracy

DS9900 Series is built for lab and pharmacy environments. Capture small, high density, curved and color-coded barcodes with this hybrid scanner.

zebra mobile printer printing a healthcare label

Enhance PPID Through Barcode Wristband Technology

Learn how to reduce patient identification errors with our PPID solution.

healthcare provider scanning patient wristband using a zebra healthcare scanner

Improving Patient Safety

How hospitals are managing data collection and retrieval today and their plans for the future.

Let Zebra Design a Patient Identity Management Solution to Meet Your Needs