Zebra Asset Visibility Services

Insight Into the Health and Inventory of Zebra Devices to Maximize ROI

This quickly activated subscription-based service provides at-a-glance visibility into asset and health data across all your Zebra mobile computers, Link-OS networked printers and smart batteries — no onsite equipment or MDM required.

  • Monitor device location, inventory, status, battery health, repair history, contract status and more all from an online dashboard via a browser- or tablet-based application
  • Get actionable predictive intelligence to help prevent device downtime before it impacts your operations
  • Customize views with user-defined asset tagging and naming
  • Easy to read, color-coded dashboard makes device status easy to understand

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Discover Your Next Best Move with Savanna™

Don’t just collect data. Put data to work with Zebra Savanna, a breakthrough data intelligence platform. Savanna combines Internet of Things (IoT) end-point connectivity, configuration management, data transport, data storage, analytics and machine learning into one platform. Leverage Savanna to turn raw data into actionable insights for your business.