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Customize Learning Pathways to Speed Up User Adoption of New Edge-Data Solutions

The success of any new business application depends on the people who use it. It’s the same when the business invests in a new edge-data solution. Learning as a Service ensures employees acquire the knowledge they need to help deliver rapid returns on investment. Delivered in a variety of formats—from on-demand eLearning to instructor-led training in a classroom—with Learning as a Service teams will be ready to embrace a new data solution on day one and beyond.

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  • Cut the Time to Introduce New Tech

    Learning as a Service enables a fully trained workforce to conduct new tasks and business functions more effectively. With Industry Certification, Custom Learning, and Subscription Services available across all Zebra products, services, and solutions, this the fast track to end user adoption.

  • Quickly Bring Employees Up to Speed

    Whether it’s seasonal workers or high turnover staff, the longer it takes to train people, the more chance the business will lose the benefits of any new data solution. Tailored learning pathways ensure end users learn new concepts quickly, in a way that works for them.

  • Track and Optimize User Performance

    Learning Operations enables employers to track user training and qualifications via a dedicated Learning Management System. The results help to identify areas of improvement and ways to customize training to individual users.

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