OEM Scan Engines and Private Label


Our Leading Technology Gets You to Market Easier, Faster and With More Profit

When you choose Zebra as your OEM partner, you get a portfolio of scan engines and devices that deliver industry-leading features, durability and reliability — saving everyone time and money. You save on development time and cost. And, your customers get best-in-class, well-proven solutions that drive time and cost out of their everyday operations.

Zebra DS4800 barcode scanners with private label branding

Complement Your Retail and Hospitality Offerings Quickly, Reliably and Affordably

In today’s retail and hospitality markets, you need partners that understand mobile technologies, that can extend your brand identity and can enable you with the hardware and software tools that enhance your offering. Zebra can help you build best-in-class solutions to successfully meet your customer demands. Our portfolio includes:

Barcode Scanning Solutions

Private Branded Products

Custom Products

Services Support

Access to Experts to Suport Every Aspect of Product Development

A nurse using a private label Zebra barcode scanner on a patient wristband

Improve Patient Safety, Increase Staff Productivity and Meet Regulatory Requirements

Zebra’s OEM solutions can speed your time to market cost effectively and OEM healthcare is part of our overall healthcare solutions offering that support healthcare identity, mobility and intelligence needs.

Identity Management

Enable patient identification for medication administration and specimen collection.


Equip staff with everything they need to communicate and make decisions on the move.


Zebra's visionary products, software and real-time location solutions provide greater visibility and intelligence.

Encompass Offers Benefits of a Real-time Location System in Simple, Fast, Flexible, Cost-efficient Solution

GE Healthcare is introducing Encompass, a cost-effective solution that helps hospitals manage mobile asset inventory, reduce total cost of ownership and achieve better capital allocation.

A store clerk taking payment with a private label Zebra MPOS system

Complement Your Payment Solution with Reliable, Secure and Affordable OEM Technology

Working with Zebra lets you focus on what you do best, which is your unique customer value, while leveraging our OEM ecosystem of comprehensive solutions to make customer experiences faster and friction-free. Our portfolio includes:

OEM Barcode Scanning Solutions

RFID Technology

Interactive Kiosks

Enterprise Printers

Enterprise Mobile Computers

Casino chips on a gambling table

Transform Gaming for Your Customers with New Technology

If you think the connected age isn't impacting casino and lottery gaming, you're hedging the wrong bet. Today’s consumers expect to connect to digital and mobile experiences everywhere — from the mall to the stadium — and in the casino. To meet the expectations of today’s players, casinos will need to move beyond traditional slot and table games — and with next generation mobile technology, they can. We can help you build an immersive play experience, inside and outside the casino.

Barcode Scanning

Ensure accurate and secure scanning in your gaming solutions, the first time and every time.

Kiosks and Printers

Drive revenue, improve service and protect sales through superior self-service portals with printers.

Mobile Platforms

Empower your casino customers' staff to work smarter and meet guests' needs.

ID Card Printers

Print clear, sharp images every time.

Stencil printer with an inbuilt scan engine

Speedprint Technology

"We are expertly supported by the Zebra OEM team. The Zebra scan engine was easy to install and fit perfectly into the limited space available in our printer, allowing sufficient focal length. It's a high performance scan engine with a long product life. And,it doesn't only scan 1D printed barcodes, but 2D engraved or laser-etched ones too."

- Chris Whitefield

OEM Scan Engines

We have a 1D or 2D scan engine for the whatever range you need. When you work with Zebra, keeping your products updated with the latest technology is easy. Our platform strategy allows you to simply replace existing scan engines with the next generation engine — no expensive re-tooling required.

With rapid-fire 1D and 2D barcode scanning and the ability to capture signatures, images and video, these devices enable data-rich applications.

Add affordable, high-performance 1D linear imaging to a wide range of products in a wide range of industries.

This versatile product line offers a broad range of laser scan engines that easily integrate into your design.

Combining superior 1D/2D scanning with plug-and-play simplicity, these devices are ideal for both standalone and OEM applications.

Save space, cost and power usage in your organization by integrating 2D imaging decoding into your host device’s software.

Zebra OEM scan engines

OEM Product Selector

Want to build a better customer experience? From components to ready-to-deploy options, we have a scan engine for any application and any budget.

Private Label Opportunities

By private labeling Zebra’s technologies, you now have the ability to optimize your product development spend, leverage your incumbent market position or seize new market opportunities. We offer private labeling in all our product categories and core technologies, including:

Barcode Scanners

Mobile Computers

Tablet Computers

Interactive Kiosks

RFID Scanners and Readers


Card Printers

Location Solutions


Features Zebra Technology logo

Let Them Know You Have Zebra OEM Technology Inside

The Features Zebra Technology™ program and logo were developed to add value to OEM products through market awareness of the Zebra brand and its association with innovation and reliability. The distinctive program logo, incorporating the unique Zebra logo, also aids in product differentiation in competitive environments.