Selecting the Right Channel Partner

We've carefully constructed our channel partner network to serve a broad array of customers. The companies we choose to collaborate with bring value to our mutual customers through distinct offerings and experience in many different technologies and markets. 

A company's relationship with Zebra Technologies is defined by four factors: community, track, tier and specialization. Our different Partner types are currently arranged in three communities: Distributor, Reseller and Complementary Partner. Within the Reseller and Complementary Partner communities, we have further defined tracks of partners that allow differentiation based on the unique value they provide to you. Within the Reseller track you will find our Specialists that are recognized for their product focus, expertise, and service delivery capabilities with respect to Card Printers, Print Engines, RFID, Supplies and Wireless Networks. 

Community and Track

Zebra categorizes partners based on their business model. Depending on the product and the complexity of your technology needs, you can purchase Zebra products from:


Distributors – Our authorized Distributors enable Zebra’s broader channel ecosystem and play an essential role in providing a wide range of value, depending on the geography and market they serve. Distributors identify new go-to-market approaches and can help to reach, influence and engage to drive sales. They also provide expanded value-added support such as demand creation, training, order fulfillment, financing and bringing our technologies to market by selling Zebra products to Resellers. Distributors also support the configuration and integration of complete multi-vendor solutions. 

Zebra is committed to selling through our Distributors whenever possible. 

Resellers – Composed of a wide variety of business types that accommodate the multiple ways that you do business, these channel partners sell from the entire portfolio of Zebra Technologies products and services, and include the following four Tracks:

Business Partners: the members in this segment of our Reseller community typically provide expertise in our core technologies

Solution Partners: this particular group focuses on product certifications and are distinguished for providing “end-to-end” sophisticated solutions to the marketplace

Broadline Technology Resellers: these partners operate in the North America region only; they offer a broad line of technology products and then pull them together in a convenient way

Registered Resellers: these are our entry level partners that continue to define and develop their role with Zebra

Complementary Partners – Our Complementary Partners are influencers that advise you when you are looking for specific solutions for your business. Complementary Partners play a key role in solving your unique problems as they guide you in making your purchase decisions. The Complimentary Partner Community is comprised of:

·Independent Software Vendors: ISVs provide a software solution that is supported by Zebra’s technology

·System Integrators: With domain expertise related to plant operations, lean manufacturing, MRO and logistics, these partners add value to our real-time location tracking solutions

·Consultants: Zebra works with its consultants to bring a wide variety of enterprise solutions to a range of industries

Our Complimentary Partners also develop applications that run on Zebra's devices. Many of these applications meet the application testing criteria of our Zebra Validated Program and Zebra Compatible Program. 


PartnerConnect recognize a partner’s success in building its relationship with Zebra by building separate ranks—called Tiers—into the structure of a Partner Track.

As a differentiator, Resellers in the Business Partner Track and Solution Partner Track can be recognized for growth, market penetration and development of key capabilities by achieving higher Tiers.

Resellers in the Business Partner Track fall into two Tiers: 

Business Partners – these partners meet customer needs through their extensive industry experience and expertise with the Zebra portfolio

Premier Business Partners – these partners meet your demands for leading-edge enterprise solutions through their multi-layered expertise in various areas and with a broader reach—and deeper influence and engagement—in the marketplace.

Resellers in the Solution Partner Track also fall into two tiers:

Solution Partners – these partners serve customers by studying and evaluating your infrastructure and needs, specifying the requisite mix of our hardware and software for your solution and tending to its installation at your site, and providing essential services. 

Premier Solution Partners - these partners meet Zebra’s highest standard for professional certification and comprehensively handle your requirements from conception to installation, often including ongoing service and support in the enterprise solution that is fashioned to your specific needs. These fellow visionaries collaborate with Zebra as we usher in the future of the enterprise.


Complimentary Partners on the ISV Track can also be recognized with additional benefits by achieving higher tiers. 

Partners in the ISV Track fall into three tiers: 

Registered ISV:   these ISVs serve customers by creating, building and selling enterprise class software products made to their specific needs 

ISV Partner: these ISVs serve customers by creating, building and selling enterprise software products for a particular niche or business vertical 

Premier ISV Partner: these ISVs leverage customer strengths and convert them to business opportunities by creating, building and selling enterprise class applications that allow them to quickly and seamlessly integrate their business processes and workflows 



Specialists are companies that have demonstrated a significant level of competency and success in a particular technology. 

These companies demonstrate exceptional experience in addressing customer needs and have invested in building highly competent teams. In fact, to become a Specialist, channel partners must meet our rigorous criteria. All of our Resellers can become Specialists.

Our Specialists possess a rare skill set and are uniquely position to help customers solve complex problems. They help you to grow profitable new revenue streams through their expertise with Zebra’s offering of the broadest portfolio of award-winning enterprise-class products and services in the industry. They also help you to differentiate yourself from the competition by offering personalized assistance that brings you to leading-edge technology and extends your reach to new areas of market penetration.  

Specialists focus on the following five product areas:

• Card Printers 

• Print Engines


• Supplies  



Each of our channel partners has experience in several or all of our product portfolios.